Complete Solutions


N°1 in domotics

More than 26 years of experience in home automation.

Our aim is the improve comfort where it is needed the most, at home.

Possible electronic integration with support of the system:

  • Lighting, including full-color control, power sockets
  • Curtains, sun blinds, shutters, gates
  • Access control, security
  • Temperature control: heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Audio, video, TV, home theater
  • Communication (door phone, cell phone, PC, internet)
  • Gardening sprinklers, fountains

Quality of life

It's all about comfort, your comfort...

The TELETASK products are meant to bring you more comfort, security and keep the energy resources under control. These advantages simply bring a higher quality of life. If you feel secure, if you know that your house is left in a safe situation and you know that there is no energy spoiled, it all feels comfortable. And that is TELETASK's final goal. To make you feel good at home, at work and where ever you go.

Modern houses are equipped with a lot of comfort solutions already. At the other hand, if you plan to build or renovate a house with all of this, you may experience that something is missing to make it work. If you like some extra spot lights in the kitchen, some extra dimmed floor lamps in the living room, motorized curtains or shades, separated temperature control in the different rooms, access control combined with door openers, motorized gates, a few (or more) extra speakers in the kitchen and the bath room, a door phone system, a security system... Oops, if you see them all together, that's quite a lot of things to keep in control. Basically all of them where meant to bring you more comfort, but you are right if you feel overloaded and uncomfortable with all of them together. It becomes complex, it becomes a lot of work to handle. In the morning, in the evening, when coming home, when leaving the house, when going to bed, when having visitors, when taking a bath, when reading a book...


TELETASK can offer a far more simple way of control.


Simplicity, that's where the TELETASK solution comes on to the scene. You can have all your systems, but teletask will connect them all together in a very simple and highly reliable way:  System integration or Domotics | Home Automation. The result: instead of walking in the house to click hundreds of buttons and switches and knobs... you get a simple and nicely designed TELETASK wall panel and you click only one button.

Click on 'morning' or 'night ' or 'leaving the house'... and just relax, forget about the rest. Use your time for more useful activities. TELETASK brings easy to use, comfortable and security oriented solutions. Based on more than 26 years of experience.