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Projects /Temporary Lighting Structures/ Lighting events/ Byblos bank 50th Anniversary
Byblos bank 50th Anniversary
Moonlight has been involved in festive events of Byblos bank for several consecutive years. Which made moonlight show loads of respect to the importance of the 50 anniversary event of Byblos bank tower, and aimed to score the highest achievement can be.

Byblos bank was one of the highest towers in the area, Moonlight took advantage of its height to make the decoration visible from all suburbs, and lit its top in a very extraordinary way that attracted people and overwhelmed them with the joy of lighting and decorating such a special event.

The tower was lit in a classical but inventive way by forming a frame on the top of this building. This frame held the bank's glowing logo and highlighted it with the number 50 in large scale, showing the number of years that this bank had dedicated its services and loyalty to the people.