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City of Dreams
The following project located in the city of Macau, China is an urban scale approach interconnecting different buildings...

Coming close to the city, a dramatic radiance of visual delights begins to appear on the approaching buildings all spectacularly lit up with glowing and blinking huge signs everywhere, all simultaneously promoting the various hotel / casino resorts all along its streets. You might be thinking Las Vegas, but the skyline in front of you is a surprise, because it's the cityscape of Macau, an island off of Mainland China, that has been for decades, a gaming Mecca of the Orient.


The City of Dreams complex was designed by Arquitectonica (Hong Kong) as a fluid urban structure with an extensive and coordinated media facade coverage that dominates all four of the hotel buildings. One of the challenges was balancing the overall building design into an integrated look that tied the entire hotel / casino complex into a singular presence. One way to present the commonality of the hotel structure was in using similar materials and designs that continuously reappeared on all four hotels was done with the use of horizontal and vertical exterior fins placed on all the buildings. The fins were used on the building cladding and presented to "catch' the ambient lighting around the buildings, to cast shadows and help reinforce the design of each building. There was also the installation of a series of media facades, (one on each hotel tower) which provided a unique architectural integration of unifying all four hotels into a singular destination complex. The collection of towers combine to create a series of unique video "screens" that goes way beyond a typical x and y configuration, as the screens combine HD video with full color, abstract graphic animations into a mesmerizing display of content that flows seamlessly from building to building.

Creating the vision
In developing this media facade design, the main desire was to create a momentum of content that moved between the four facades and invited a sense of exploration for the viewers. This way it functioned as a conversation piece and the ultimate 'not-to-miss' Macau destination. Instead of looking at the project as four distinct buildings we expended on the architect vision of unifying the architectural design through the use of content that is synchronized across the four facades.


In terms of the proper LED component to create each building's media facade, w a special media facade housing design has to be produced. The architectural fin element had different orientations on each building facade. In addition, two of the buildings have a circular and elliptical footprint. In order for the viewer to perceive the installation as one large digital canvas, "we needed to show off the extreme viewing angle of the lights and reflecting covers that expanded the surface of the light. To achieve this visual effect, we custom-created an aluminum square modular shape that has a two-inch reflecting cover surface covered by 14 very bright Nichia lamps. To match the building architecture, these media facade modules can be flipped horizontally or vertically depending on where they are installed. The lights are modular and mounted in the fin.

"We refer to this special LED module as a Ypix unit," says Velicescu. "There are more than 200,000 Ypix pixels installed at COD, all powered and synchronized from a central location.

The entire system relays on the data backbone infrastructure built by Cisco and Elixir.

With all of the City of Dreams buildings lit up and viewable even from a mile away, the draw of City of Dreams begins even before visitors arrive. As visitors approach Macau, its overly bright glow radiates the promise of good luck and fantastic entertainment, all centered in the City of Dreams as a beacon of good times to com