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Deloitte Headquarters
The Deloitte Headquarters is Denmark's largest open office building. Situated opposite the recreational area of Stadsgraven waters by Langebro it is close to city, Ørestad and the Metro.

A common urban masterplan controls three buildings, of which Deloitte is the largest. They present themselves as solitary volumes on the edge between land and water.

The art piece Steven Scott has created for the Deloitte Building in Copenhagen exceeds the boundaries of the limited possibilities of Mondrian's work... His light art installation extends over seven stories in the atrium of the Deloitte administration building and compromises a time component and color changing LEDs were not around when Mondrian was experimenting his works...

Green hanging gardens are cut into the building volume. They create oases for small breaks and open up to the daylight. The openings prolong the outer perimeter and enable all office areas to be placed along the facades with panoramic views and fresh air. The facades are made of double glass elements. This makes way for natural ventilation and a protected place for sunshade blinds.

The dynamic interaction between artistically created light, ambient light and functional illumination may well be indicative of how delicate a matter the use of light can be. Scott admits that finding a successful way in such a setting is a daunting exercise for an artist who is not working in a museum context. But he met the challenge: his light sculpture has a definite presence in the atrium without dominating it, attracting attention without absorbing it, and stimulating the senses without overstraining them...

Bridges and staircases act like a sculpture rising Zig-Zag up through the space. The solid surfaces of these constructions have integrated light installations that link the landings with diagonal and horizontal planes which pass through the space. The functionality of bridges and staircases for the action of people moving through the building is complemented by the action of light between landings via the same structure...

The office areas and the central atrium compose one large room. The result is a transparent organization with a high degree of informal knowledge sharing. The atrium frames one large piece of art; '77', made of light by Steven Scott. The stairs and bridges crossing the atrium display at their bottom sides fields of lights with varying widths, changing colors in a cycle that avoids repetition for several years.


The office areas are largely created as open landscapes, but numerous back-up rooms such as study cells and meeting rooms are at all levels, allowing for withdrawal and silent contemplation.Several extraordinary facilities are to be found around in the building, for instance a fitness room, a bar lounge and a circular roof terrace, cut into the penthouse floor. Below ground there are two levels of parking, the lower being an automatic parking device with lifts.