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Halo, London, UK

Light Art project of the year 

Halo creates an image of the sun brought down to earth. It uses the power of 100 suns collected by robotic mirrors into a cloud of water mist.

It transforms everyday materials into a sublime transient experience in a cherished public location in the heart of London.

The work embraces the unpredictability of the weather, creating an ongoing drama of ‘Halo spotting’ for the citizens of London who pass through the location each day.

The chaotic winds of London which historically drove the sailing ships – building the wealth of Somerset House – pull air into the courtyard and mix the mist into ever-unique patterns as it catches the reflected sunlight – each time rendering a unique image of the Halo.

When there are clouds overhead, the mirrors continue to animate steadily whilst the cloud of mist thickens with the increased humidity.

When the artists visited Somerset House, they were struck by the quality and colour of the sunlight in the courtyard as it reflected from the surrounding building, and the way in which the architecture aligned with the sun at midday of British Summer Time.

The isolated volume of natural light and wind, contained within the architecture of the building, presented itself as a canvas for Halo.