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Bamboo Pavilion, Taichung World Flora Exposition, Taiwan

Low budget project of the year

Bamboo Pavilion is set up as an exhibition hall and built as part of the 2018 Taichung World Flower Exposition in Taiwan, whose themes were green, nature and people.

The architect was inspired by the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan and uses the local green building material, Moso and Makino bamboo, for the main construction.

The perception of the user resembles walking through a bamboo forest. When raising their heads, visitors can look up to the sky above the forest-top. The budget for the lighting equipment was just £10,000 so all the interior and exterior fixtures came with the same housing but different LED light source wattage and various beam spread angles.

The water pool around the pavilion is used as a mirror to create reflections of the architecture and fulfil the nocturnal image of the pavilion.
With sophisticated calculations and extensive planning, this low-cost lighting system achieves the purpose of providing the visitor with an awareness of the beauty of the architecture and its material without having much sense of the light.

Since the World Flora Exposition opened in November 2018, the pavilion has been crowded with visitors every day and night and images of it have become popular posts on social media.

Creating a public space which users are willing to come and stay at night, and then leave with delight is the original intention of this project. And the designer has used light to make it happen.