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Shanghai Sunac Sales Center, Shanghai, China

Integration project of the year

Lighting design is inspired from the craft of origami to emphasise the building form and its folding effect.

A linear LED wall grazing system is integrated into the perforated façade to light up the secondary skin. It is placed strategically following the diagonal form to reinforce the concept.

The contrast between the diagonal skin and reflected still image on the water creates a dramatic visual impact to this sales centre.
When entering the entrance lobby, a suspended hanging sculpture is lit by LED downlight from above. The intention is to make it sparkle and create a focal point to the space.

The wall carries the same folding language but with more sophisticated detail design. Two LED linear in-ground lighting systems are used to define the space and also enhance the texture.

One of them washes the wall at the front with 3000K to enhance the form. The other washes the wall from the back with 4000K to make the perforated pattern stand out. With this combination, it creates an interesting visual experience. The folding wall literally guides people to the grand gallery behind it.

The grand gallery is the most challenging space in this project due to its design and various functions within it. It is covered by a curved ceiling with special three dimensional cut-out panels. The same origami concept is applied here.
The design team worked together to develop an integrated ceiling panel system with two self-glowing LED fixtures concealed within one panel. The light leaks from the cut-out to enhance the three dimensional ceiling textures and also to reinforce the curved shape. It also provides some interesting glitters and unifies the space.

A series of hanging sculptures is lit by LED downlights integrated from ceiling feature panels. It brings the visual focus to the eye level so people can concentrate on the display models. It also provides enough task lighting and creates a flowing effect to attract people wondering around inside this gallery.

Both end walls behind the reception desk and the bar counter are lit with vertical illumination. The one behind the reception desk is lit from linear in-ground LED fixtures to form the notch depth. The one behind bar is lit from the LED strip light box to create the silhouette effect for the display. They are used to define the boundary of this grand gallery.