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CityLink Sound Tube, Melbourne, Australia

Winner of the lighting design awards 2019 for Public Realm and Landscape 

Designed over 20 years ago, the CityLink Sound Tube is recognised as an iconic Melbourne landmark.

Contracted by the client as part of their community engagement activities, the lighting designers were asked to look at ways to enhance and complement the architecture of the CityLink Sound Tube structure using light.

One important criteria was that the lighting needed to have the ability to be colour selectable to provide an element of dynamism and allow it to create a connection with local and international events.

As part of the design process, Electrolight explored opportunities to upgrade the existing lighting scheme, as well as new possibilities to enhance and articulate the unique architectural elements of the CityLink Sound Tube design using the latest in lighting technology.
The lighting designers’ vision was for a lighting scheme that would transforms the Sound Tube at night by highlighting its architectural features.
This was achieved through the use of concealed light fittings that enhanced the repetitive structural language of the architecture, washing light up the vertical face of the girder beams from both sides.

When it came to specifying a luminaire, Electrolight selected a light fitting that was minimal in aperture and provided the essential technical requirements of being colour selectable. And, importantly, it needed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of the freeway.
The highly controllable colour-selectable RGBW LED units specified can be set to provide an infinite selection of colours and combinations allowing for themed content throughout the year.

The CityLink Sound Tube doubles as a branding device, celebrating major local and international events through light and colour; it’s also a welcome portal, building wonder and excitement as you pass through the tunnel and out into the city beyond.
Whilst the products that were used have the ability to create dynamic effects, the content and scenes are always fixed, ensuring the safety of drivers.
The fact that people are moving when they experience the lighting means that the overall lighting often feels like it’s changing and this creates an immersive experience.

Despite the challenge of tight time constraints, the CityLink Sound Tube was developed and completed in optimum time, with a focus on efficient project management and smooth coordination across client, supplier and electrical contractor.

The subtle and seamlessly integrated lighting design achieved the aspirations of both client and lighting designer and breathes new life into an ageing structure. Close collaboration with the electrical contractor and luminaire supplier was important as much thought was given to maintenance and control. LED strips were cut to lengths that correspond to road lane widths, so minimal disruptions would be caused if replacements were required.
The CityLink corridor is one of Melbourne’s most heavily used roads, carrying about 210,000 vehicles a day in its busiest section.