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Projects /International/ Quick Installations/ Manish Restaurant São Paulo | Brazil
Manish Restaurant São Paulo | Brazil
What Manish means? It is an adaptation of the way you pronounce the name of thin Lebanese bread: maeaneesh.
With its muxarabi and a beautiful salon of 82 seats, Manish is the sophisticated Lebanese restaurant in São Paulo. This concrete Arabesque, which extends across the façade, filters natural light during the day forming different drawings reflected on the walls. The figures change through the day, as the light, creating an effect that adorns and fulfills the original function of this invention of Arabic architecture: allow see without being seen. 

But during the night, the concept of artificial lighting promotes the opposite: for those who are out muxarabi is in the negative and all the internal atmosphere, created by diverse and customized lighting solutions, is revealed, inviting customers to come and experience the sensations offered by several different angles of the house. The 03 pendants were designed and developed by us with the intention of creating a “light texture” on the opposite wall of the colored panel. 
The 02 floor lamps, also developed by our team, were inspired by the lamps used in public squares, and bring warmth and highlight the main tables. 

The lighting and natural ventilation are present in the elegant decoration.