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Le luxe absolu
Contemporary design and Parisian experience are central to the design duo's work: “We wanted to create something very Parisian, very refined yet at the same time intimate and unexpected.”

The designers took their inspiration from the richness, modernity and creativity of the 1930s when Paris was at its most glamorous and exclusive. The atmosphere in Bar 8 is deliberately intimate. All eyes are drawn to the centre of the bar, to a monumental nine-ton block of brown marble, which was quarried in Spain and sculpted in Italy. Warm colours and large openings blur the boundaries of the interior and exterior spaces. The lighting glows and sparkles like stars in the sky, creating a luxurious, secluded atmosphere. With its subtle forms and textures and love of detail Bar 8 revisits the aesthetic of the thirties and encompasses the essence of the French metropolis – who could resist wanting to blend in with this décor?