Lighting Academy
Obstruction lighting Guidelines


Any structure that exceeds 200' above ground level generally needs to bemarked (lighted) according to FAA/ICAO Regulations. There are manyfactors that can affect obstruction marking requirements, such as weather,terrain, proximity to airports, etc. The information presented in thefollowing pages of this catalog is intended to provide basic guidance forstructure marking.
The FAA and ICAO guidelines presented herein describe minimumrequirements for various structure heights and descriptions of equipment tobe used. Note that for Red Lighting Systems, the tower must be painted inalternating levels of aviation orange and white to provide maximum daytimevisibility (red lights are for nighttime only). In the case of white or duallighting systems, the need for painting the tower is eliminated.
Height is only one important consideration when choosing how a structure isto be marked. The products presented in this catalog support the obstructionlighting requirements set forth by the FAA/FCC and ICAO. In addition,Unimar is a master distributor for each of the following product lines:Cooper Crouse-Hinds, ABB Controls (Formerly Entrelec, SS AC), FlashTechnology and Dialight Corporation.
For industrial applications, professional assistance will be required, forexample in the case of aviation lighting for industrial facilities or wind farmlighting applications. Let your sales representative or our Technical Supportstaff help you determine which is the best lighting solution for your uniqueapplication.