How to choose suitable LED lamp for restaurant

First, you must know the restaurant should adopt a low color temperature LED lamp, diffused light, not dazzling, and with a sense of natural light, the more gentle kind. Fluorescent color temperature is high, the light under the person’s face will look pale, blue, food colors were changed. Of course, the illumination light source may also be mixed, that is, a low color temperature and high color temperature lamp lights combined with mixed lighting effect is very close to the sun, and the light source that is not monotonous, you can choose.

Second, we must know more than a local restaurant lighting, it will be used in the associated auxiliary lighting to play a role in contrast dining environment. Use auxiliary lighting means there are many, say the lighting in the dining room furniture (glass case, etc.) inside; artwork, decorations and so on local lighting. Auxiliary lights not to illuminate, but to use light and shadow effects to heighten the environment, so the dining table lighting illuminance ratio is lower at highlighting the main source of the premise, lighting arrangements must be done in an orderly, not disorder.

Finally, people should know the restaurant choice of lighting fixtures easily caught only emphasized the form of misunderstanding. The restaurant is a partial illumination lighting for the dining table of the lamp, according to the mesa region, the general should choose under the hood, the long type, combination lamps; lamps shape and overall decor of the restaurant should be consistent; to achieve the desired atmosphere of the restaurant soft, bright, natural illumination requirements; generally should not be used according to lighting up, because it does not match the visual when dining.