LED bulb wireless data transmission Advantages
Today, LED intelligent lighting technology can already achieve wireless data transmission. Under normal circumstances the device, as long as the point of a lamp can easily access, looks fantastic and convenient. Exactly how it works, and what works?

Experts: by increasing the LED bulb is similar to a wireless router module, WiFi repeaters can be achieved, enabling wireless data transmission. Since the principle of light and radio wave propagation network signals are basically the same, to the ordinary LED bulbs fitted with a functionally equivalent router chip, control it millions of times per second, flashing light indicating 1, off represents 0, binary data light signals are encoded as fast and efficient transmission. Although imperceptible to the human eye, but it can receive the sensor to these changes. Just With this feature, in our daily lives as long as lighting a lamp, you can quickly access.

Compared to many limitations routers exist, LED bulbs have a wireless data transmission a great advantage, as the controls are not restricted, and no cables to connect, etc., and energy saving LED lamps have been widely used in the future will gradually replace the traditional incandescent. Can be said that higher practicality LED intelligent lighting, the market space is very large.

Of course, due to the current lighting Internet has not developed to the stage of industrialization, the price is slightly expensive, from the widespread use of some time. But as technology continues to increase, once the lights Internet-chip modules, and other equipment into the industrial stage, LED Internet prices will fall significantly.