The Indoor lighting, Factors like service, atmosphere and accessibility play an increasingly important role, but there is also the general image and reputation of a healthcare facility to consider too. You can make your mark with the look and feel of the building that you design, and even create an architectural icon.

“How lighting can improve patient experience” Light has an amazing effect on people visually, biologically and emotionally. Used effectively in healthcare facilities it can enhance the patients’ experience and play a key role in promoting the wellbeing of patients. Our people-centric lighting solutions can really make a difference – creating an enhanced healing environment, that combines effective, functional light with a more pleasant ambience.

“Improving staff wellbeing through better lighting” We are facing a growing global deficit of healthcare professionals, so the need to create pleasant and efficient working environments is essential, especially for staff who may work for long periods without access to natural daylight. Lighting solutions that mimic the effect of daylight are effective and proven ways to increase feelings of wellbeing, improve efficiency and help with staff retention.