MASQ is specialized in the DESIGN and SUPPLY of ARCHITECTURAL & DECORATIVE LIGHTING offering services domestically and internationally. Our branches in Qatar, Lebanon and Abu Dhabi, makes it easier to serve our clients in the Gulf and Middle East region. We work closely with contractors, consultants, landscapers, architects and designers to provide all support in all stages of their lighting projects starting from design issues and technical assistance to reservations on site and supervision during installation.



LIGHT is much more than merely installing lightingappliances in a finished building , Light is an essentialELEMENT OF ARCHITECTURE .Our specialized department approaches light as athree dimensional element and integral part of thebuilding specifications.Our spirited designers consistently INTEGRATE NEWTECHNOLOGIES and patented systems that infuseenvironments with style, ambience and intrigue.We are particularly sensitive to the interplay of lightand shadows, lines and textures and how they impactconsumer encounters.In other words, our design department may eitherpropose a design or add to your own ideas andthoughts. We are also able to present a completesubmittal, including product technical data, AutoCADdrawings and simulations whenever necessary.To this matter we provide a wide range of architecturallighting that offers harmony by creating light.



Our approach to architectural lighting is inspired from our experience in specialeffects and intelligent lighting used in events. MAS was established in Beirut in1998 and specialized in the design of special events with the objective ofproviding complete event management solutions for private and corporatebusinesses. We MANAGE the total organization from creative CONCEPT toDESIGN and stage management.We work artistically on a unique and personalized concept to transform venuesin every breathtaking way possible. Our creative and professional approachwalks you through each step of the event, from conception to implementation.Our experience in intelligent lighting, fiber optics and special effects is beingused to bring a new dimension to the architectural lighting.